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For entrepreneurs, coaches, and change-makers who want to empower their path to financial freedom

No one becomes an entrepreneur, coach, or change-maker because they want to Master Money Management, Sales, Systems (Snooze!)

You're a master at your craft. 

You love sharing your gifts with the world.

You want to spend more time doing what you love... the thing you were born to do!

But there's an elephant in the room that nobody is talking about. One you handle and deal with every day that's keeping you up at night.


Not having enough

Not making enough

Not saving enough

Not knowing enough

In all ways, it never feels like enough.

I get it, nobody is handing you a consistent paycheck anymore. It's all up to you now.

The most costly (and disempowering) mistakes entrepreneurs and coaches make is turning a blind eye to their finances and avoid them like the plague.

There are 3 main reasons why money has become the elephant in the room for most entrepreneurs, coaches, and change-makers:


1. Because proper financial management skills are rarely taught – and certainly not covered in school, let alone by our parents.

2. Our culture, influencers, and family have given us bad, unhelpful programming around money, what it means, and how to use it effectively.

3. When we are invested in something (like a business), we have a lot of emotional attachment to it performing well.

And because of this, it's easy to condition yourself to feel unworthy, uncertain, and intimidated by money.

If you're feeling stuck with your money momentum, it's because you're either stuck in your story about money or stuck in your skill development with money, or both. That's why...

Empower Your Money is about choice.

The freedom of choice is the most powerful gift you have.

Have your choices with money given you more power or have they disempowered you?

Everything in your life you have chosen, whether you are conscious of it or not. When you realize this and that you have the power to make a different choice at any given moment, you become limitless.

When you say you want financial freedom, what you are really saying is you want the freedom of choice. But if you keep making the same choices with your money, you will keep getting the same results you are getting right now.

Living in financial ambiguity and leaving your money up to chance is more stressful than living in awareness and the empowerment of choice.

Are you ready to go from feeling Unworthy to feeling Unstoppable with your money?

The Empower Your Money Tribe was created to help entrepreneurs and coaches just like you who want to get back to growing and profiting from their coaching businesses while feeling more aligned and congruent with their money in order to experience the success they know they deserve.

When you join the tribe you'll gain immediate access to an ever-growing library of articles, videos, assessments and more all designed to help you to break free of the intimidation and inconsistency that you have experienced with money thus far and start creating a more intentional relationship with money that feels authentic and fun rather than fearful and forced.

You'll also have access to challenges, workshops, and courses designed specifically to help you to become more skillful with money, gain more awareness around your identity with money and, of course, make, keep, and grow more money.

And best of all, you'll be part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs coaches who want to live life on their own terms as you do and who are committed to not only creating the financial freedom and successful business they dream of but are committed to building a healthy and more enjoyable relationship to money too.

You'll LOVE The Empower Your Money Tribe If...

  • You're through with getting burned out, overwhelmed and frustrated by hustling and DOING MORE to make more (money).
  • You want to uncover any patterns that have kept you from achieving YOUR version of happiness and success in the past (especially with money)
  • You desire to discover what changes you might make within yourself to commit to creating an ROI for yourself (and stop depending on outside advice that is pulling you further away from what you want)
  • Want to avoid getting stuck in mental money ruts when financial challenges arise and stay focused even after the honeymoon of starting your business wears off
  • You know you need to develop the mental resilience + perseverance required for expansive entrepreneurial growth and financial growth
  • You're ready to stop being INTIMIDATED by money and instead acquire the financial INTELLIGENCE that not only makes your dreams possible but INEVITABLE and in a way that generates consistent, predictable and incredible INCOME
  • You're interested in learning how to create money beliefs that are stronger than your doubts, putting you in control of your destiny rather than a servant to your doubts and fears.
  • You want to get back to spending more of your time being a life-changing entrepreneur or coach rather than worrying about where your next client will come from and how you will pay the bills this month.

    So, How Does That Sound?

If it's sounding good so far then that's great, we MIGHT just be the place you've been looking for. But just to be sure, let's be clear about who The Empower Your Money Tribe is NOT for...

You Probably WON'T Enjoy The Empower Your Money Tribe If...

  • If all you're looking for are some 'quick fixes' and money 'hacks' to generate loads of money for your business and get out of debt
  • If you're more enamored by the hopes of the 'freedom lifestyle' than the idea of building a solid, skillful, systematic approach to creating, growing and prospering from a truly financially successful business
  • If you truly believe that all you need is more clients, more hard work, and a better strategic plan and your bank account will have a heartbeat where you can catch a breath
  • If simply want to leave your finances up to someone else to deal with and are completely comfortable turning a blind eye to your finances
  • If you're more committed to complaining about your financial life than you are owning your role in the results you are getting with money
  • And if all you really want is to have financial freedom, wealth, and 'passive' income without doing the necessary work required to get there.

Just to be clear, The Empower Your Money Tribe has been created to connect, serve, evolve, and grow entrepreneurs and coaches who truly are seeking ways to get MUCH better with their finances and as a result of being more skillful with money they are able to generate MUCH more income while helping others completely TRANSFORM their lives...and live life on their own terms.

Does That Sound Like YOU?

 If it does and you're ready to Join Us then hit the 'Request To Join Us' button at the top of the page or 'Text Me The App' below to gain access to all the Content and Conversations we've got going on inside!

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